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    The Donut Papi Breakfast Shirt

    It's official. Donut Papi and Breakfast Shirts had a baby. Thrilled to announce that we teamed up with our favourite donut cafe 'Donut Papi' to make the Donut Papi Breakfast Shirt. Watch the video to see what we are on about.

    Donut Papi is an internationally recognised Donut shop hailing from Redfern, Sydney. To put it frankly, it is in our opinion that they produce the worlds best donuts. What better way to treat yourself to breakfast then smashing a delicious donut and a coffee. 

    Head in to Donut Papi with your DP Breakfast Shirt and cause an absolute ruckus, send us pics.


    Donut Papis website: 

    the Donut Papi Breakfast Shirt Combo