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    Back in 2012, we were out at breakfast chowing down on some smashed avo in the Inner-West. I had run out of clean clothes and was wearing a very colourful and questionably ugly short sleeved button up shirt. I have no recollection on how this shirt ended up in my wardrobe but nonetheless it was all I had that was clean. Sam was amused to see me not in a plain white tee and asked 'what are you wearing?'. Without thinking it through, I responded with 'It's a Breakfast Shirt'. Ever since we have collected these highly fashionable shirts from all around the globe just to wear at cafes to add a bit of colour to our unhealthy breakfast spending habits. Finding good quality and cool prints in the Breakfast Shirts was a struggle so we decided to do something about it. We officially launched in 2017 and we are thrilled to see people getting behind Breakfast Shirts and making the most of Breakfast. Remember, it's not a shirt, 'It's a Breakfast Shirt'. #breakfastshirts 


     Best worn at Breakfast.

    - 950000 %
    Freedom x Little Earth Breakfast Shirt (FULLY STOCKED)
    - 11 %
    Cloud 2.0 (the Joe Mungovan) Breakfast Shirt