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    Godfather Requirements

    It’s a grand vision of ours to have an exclusive Breakfast Shirts line for our most devoted Breakfast Shirts Gurus. The Godfather range will be an invite only / application based process. These Limited edition Godfather Breakfast Shirts may indeed be available for sale on our regular shop but these will be at a substantial cost ($500 + a Breakfast Shirt). For Godfather members these will be around the $100 mark/closer to our regular pricing. The Godfather range will also have it’s own custom fabric which we are currently experimenting with. Only the slickest most badass Breakfast Shirts designs will be amongst the Godfather range.

    Being apart of the Godfather community will also result in regular free breakfasts, exclusive events, exclusive content and sizeable discounts (to be used by you only). You will have a profile page made on our site with information about yourself and your breakfast habits and we may call on you to attend breakfast with people new to Breakfast Shirts (optional). On top of that, you will also will be able to see upcoming designs before anyone else and have some input on these.  

    If you wanted to start working on your ‘application’ to be apart of this fabulous group of Breakfast Shirts owners then here’s a list of requirements:

    1. You own 3+ Breakfast Shirts 
    2. 23 yrs + (exceptions may be made) 
    3. You Regularly upload pics of you at breakfast in Breakfast Shirts (5+). 
    4. Have a Highlight on your IG dedicated to Breakfast Shirts (contact us if you don’t have IG). 
    5. Send through your favourite cafe and meal (AUS based). Someone from our team will endeavour to visit this cafe and order your meal of choice. We need to make sure you are capable of ordering a decent breakfast and understand the difference between coles bacon and the good shit.  
    6. After all this is approved, we will have an intimate breakfast with you and Breakfast Shirts godfather, Bill.   

    If you think you have all these requirements, please send through your cafe/meal of choice to along with a 150 word piece on what you are going to bring to the godfather community. And remember, don’t fuck around at breakfast. Dress accordingly.