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    Claus is Breakfast Shirts newest member. We met Claus at one of his famous underground Disco parties in Sweden in late 2018. He approached us whilst we were wearing Breakfast Shirts and the first thing he said to us was ‘I can make that better’. Since then we took on Claus as head of Marketing and all round Visionary for the company. After signing a lengthy contract we soon found out Claus had little marketing skills but great taste in fashion and ‘all things human’. Claus Refuses to wear Breakfast Shirts because he thinks they are a vile attempt at fashion often caught saying ‘ I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a Breakfast Shirt’.

    Claus is also a Part time DJ, and is unofficially is Sweede’s number 1 underground postmodern psytrance cyberweapon DJ. 

    Keep up with CLAUS here:

    For CLAUS Instagram, Click here