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    Perfect Playlists for Breakfast & Cafes, by Breakfast Shirts

    Playlist: Locals Only

    Intro: Tunes from members of the Breakfast Shirt Community (BSC), friends & friends of friends. 

    Breakfast Situation:
    You’re a cafe that wants to get behind local talent (or breakfast shirt peeps) and support upcoming Australian music. Please send us a message to make a recommendation.
    Playlist: Jam on Toast

    Intro: Low-key ‘acoustic chill’ tunes, with a focus on authentic & raw singer-songwriters.

    Breakfast Situation:
    It’s a mid-week arvo at your cafe - or maybe early morning - so play some soothing vocals from our favourite singer-songwriters. Nothing intense, but nothing too slow or sad either. Acoustic chill to the max, and lyrics that either make people smile or stop and think. Shazam is encouraged.
    Playlist: Smashed Avo

    Intro: The perfect cafe vibe for everyone involved. Subtle, upbeat, and very vibey music that doesn't push the limits.

    Breakfast Situation:
    It’s 10am, you have a big day ahead of you and you’re excited for your smashed avo at your local cafe. It’s too early for classics or bangers, you don’t want to spend all your energy before midday. Good, authentic music that makes your feet tap with little to no auto-tune. AirPods: In. Avo: Smashed. 
    Playlist: The Big Breakfast

    Intro: Bangers, classics and some weird stuff to accompany your kelp salted hash browns. 

    Breakfast Situation:
    You've pulled an all nighter and the adrenaline has you fully charged and buzzing at 7:30am. You're hungry. You’re smashing a big breakfast because you haven’t eaten for a day and you’re doing slut drops in between bites. Somehow, you gather the presence of mind to shout local cafe-goers their morning coffee just because you’re a nice person...or completely sleep deprived. This is your playlist. Enjoy responsibly.