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    Henry Lee’s, Redfern

    We hadn’t been to Henry Lee’s in a while so we were excited to try all the amazing menu additions since our last visit. We love a menu where everything jumps out at us and this was definitely the case. There were definitely a fair few things we would’ve liked to have ordered (just means we have to go back). We decided on the Carny which is a crispy Fried Chicken Burger which was devoured in about 30seconds as it was amazing. Unfortunately we weren’t so sold on our second option which was the Purple Fields. Braised Broccoli and Scrambled Eggs on sourdough toast topped with a corn and Garlic purée. The combination of flavours didn’t really work for us and we found it all ended up being a bit sloppy on the plate. We ordered a side of Soft Shell Crab though and that was pretty good! Next time we will go with our gut and order the Crispy Soft Shell Crab Roll (if it’s anything like the Chicken Burger it will be epic)!

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