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    Meet Dean (watch the video here)

    I got to Say, Dean is a fucking legend. He Drove all the way down from the central coast for our Breakfast. Dean was the 206th person to own a Breakfast Shirts Combo (Black Avo) which he proudly wore this morning. Dean is into his motorbikes, surfing and music, an absolute chiller. He also competes in the Dirt Biking Scene. The most exciting thing about Dean is that he will be the FIRST PERSON TO GET A BREAKFAST SHIRTS TATTOO. This is currently being organised and we will be sure to let the greater Breakfast Shirts community know when it happens.

    Today we went to 'Dues Bar' in camperdown. It's a cool place with an even cooler shop next door filled with motor bikes. We ordered Bacon and egg rolls and Dean smashed an apple juice that looked like a cocktail. #champion