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    Cook and Archies

    We stumbled across this cafe on our way to another destination and were thankful that we did. The cafe is filled with beautiful greenery making it a very inviting dining space. We are suckers for coffee served in ceramic cups so this was definitely a win for us. There was plenty going on with a lot of people ordering take away food and coffee however the dine in service was still fantastic. We tried the Strapatsada which is a Greek styled tomato scrambled eggs which had a beautiful rich, smoky flavour which was delicious with the Iggy’s bread. It definitely needed the little salad garnish as it was quite a rich dish. The Chilli Scrambled eggs definitely had a kick to it but it was served with goats cheese and avo which lightened the meal. We also added a side of chorizo which added extra flavour. A really nice cafe with great food and coffee tucked away in Surry Hills.