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    $100 worth of Breakfast Shirts gear for the Best 'at Breakfast' Instagram upload. (every 6 weeks).

    If you want to win $100 worth of Breakfast Shirts then now is your chance. 

    We are looking for the most 'Boss' Breakfast photo of you at Breakfast in your Breakfast Shirt.


    - Instagram POST

    - Tag us @breakfastshirtss and the Cafe you're at 

    - Use hashtags #breakfastshirts & #breakfastweapon

    - We will offer this giveaway at least every two months

    - Unlimited entries

    - Public profile preferred (but not a deal-breaker)

    $250 worth of Breakfast Shirts gear for the most 'LOOSE' Breakfast Shirt at a festival upload.

    Claim another $250 worth of gear by uploading your most 'Loose' content (in a breakfast shirt) at a festival. Wether this is just an epic photo of you in the mosh or a video of you absolutley lighting up the dance floor or any other antics that happen at a festival.


     - Instagram POST or STORY

    - Must be wearing a Breakfast Shirt (obviously) 

    - Tag us @breakfastshirtss and the festival you're at 

    - Use the hashtag #breakfastshirts 

    - We will pick 2-3 winners every year

    - Public profile preferred (but not a deal-breaker)

    - Unlimited entries 

    Note* Drink and Party Responsibly. We do not encourage any pathetic behaviour, act like an adult and get a bit of sophistication about you.