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    Cedric’s Coffee Bar

    Don’t be turned off because this cafe is in the city. It definitely isn’t part of the CBE (city breakfast epidemic). Tucked down a little alleyway off George Street, you can find a very aesthetically pleasing cafe serving up delicate, fresh dishes. Cedrics only offer a few menu items but they are all pretty interesting. We tried the Mushroom Udon which had a rich, warming brother and egg noodles. The Avocado on toast with Spanner crab was quite a small, delicate portion but was nice and fresh. I’d say the dishes were a little bit pricey for the size but at least they tasted great! Primary (one of our favourite coffee roasters) supplies their coffee so this is a big win for us. Overall this cafe is a goodie to put on your list if you’re in the CBD/Haymarket area!

    Cedric’s Coffee Bar Website